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Furukawa, a leader in optical fiber solutions, has developed Laserway to meet the growing demand for increased bandwidth and efficient transmission. This plug-and-play cabling solution simplifies installation, reduces costs, and minimizes downtime, allowing for rapid and less intrusive network expansion.

Laserway is ideal for organizations requiring scalability and flexibility, supporting a wide range of data and voice applications, from administrative tasks to complex operations in data centers. Eco-efficient, its innovative design reduces energy consumption and cable usage, aligning sustainability with superior performance.

Choosing Tecnasys to implement Laserway ensures a robust network and exceptional technical support, transforming your company’s IT infrastructure with efficiency and environmental innovation.

The Benefits of Laserway Solution

Simplified Infrastructure

The use of passive and compact optical elements along the network allows the reduction of technical rooms and the size of cable trays and ducts.

Decrease in Energy Consumption

Due to the reduction in the number of technical rooms required for the local network, the need for equipment for refrigeration and electrical supply for the rooms also decreases.

Better Bandwidth Control

As in the Laserway solution, the OLT and ONTs equipment are located only at the ends of the optical network, the control of the band used in each of the ONTs is facilitated.

Future Proof Network

The distribution network of the Laserway solution has a transmission capacity in the order of Tbps (Terabits per second). It is known that active equipment, over time, has significant increases in their data transmission rates. The Laserway solution infrastructure deployed today would already be ready to support this future demand.

Investment Savings

The Laserway solution provides continuous savings over the years using the network. After all, it brings considerable reductions in investments with materials and costs related to the operation and maintenance of the products.


The project with the Laserway solution enables an optimization of the infrastructure to the point that it allows a reduction in the total initial investment in materials, installation and physical space used. However, the biggest impact is in the reduction of energy consumption, which can reach up to 70%.

The Laserway Solution is based on passive optical elements, which do not require electricity and carry voice, data and video resources.
It has a range of up to 20 km away, without the need to replicate with other equipment, while a traditional copper network reaches a maximum of 100 meters.
It is ideal for large areas such as exhibition centers, tourist areas and hotel complexes, where network control and administration must be concentrated in one place.
Reduces costs and reduces maintenance time.

A network failure causes annoyance to the average user and can cause anything from the interruption of a video call or the pause of a streaming movie to defeat in an online game, but in an industrial environment, a network failure can have a catastrophic impact on productivity.

That is why fiber optic communications networks are in the ideal position to be the backbone of Industry 4.0, as they are the physical medium that offers the best benefits: data moves by light pulses, which makes the network is much faster. Likewise, they do not generate electromagnetic noise and, although they are very thin, flexible and light cables, which occupy much less space than copper cable, fiber-supported networks are robust and safe.

In healthcare systems, Covid-19 highlighted the need for information to flow simply and quickly, with maximum efficiency. Health institutions, with these new demands and challenges, are being greatly benefited by technological advances in connectivity and infrastructure, which can be achieved thanks to opticalization.
For this reason, in response to industry transformation, Tecnasys together with Furukawa Electric offers a complete and robust solution in terms of connectivity, which provides total efficiency in network performance and protection for all data traffic.

The exchange of information is the essence of organizations operating in the educational sector, be they universities, schools or research institutions.
Laserway technology uses single-mode fiber-optic-based network topology with an extremely high transmission rate.
A combination of high technology, optical transmission and the use of optical splitters allows a single fiber to serve dozens of network users, with full control by the IT manager, eliminating the need for access and distribution network switches.

In order to meet the connectivity needs in the agricultural or livestock production chain, Furukawa Industrial System solutions withstand high and low temperatures, also eliminating problems with oxidation, fatigue and vibration. Optical and metallic cables (copper) have a protection rating up to IP67, ensuring protection against dust, strong jets of water and temporary immersion.
The outer jacket of the cables in TPU LSZH, are developed to resist chemical agents, oils, solvents and temperature variations.

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